3 Expert Tips for Crafting a Resume that Recruiters will Notice

by Neha Khurram

Standing out in a competitive job market among a crowd of job seekers can be challenging. Your resume is how you market yourself to recruiters and when it’s anything less than stellar, it can leave you feeling discouraged by the lack of interest from recruiters. Turn your resume blues around with these 3 tips on how to improve your resume and grab a recruiter’s attention.

Keep your resume format neutral

The design of your resume matters. Opt for a neutral font and format for your resume to avoid bias from recruiters who aren’t keen on creative fonts or colors. The exception to this applies to those in creative fields who have more leeway to showcase their designer flare. Job seekers in more bureaucratic industries like Healthcare or Finance should keep it traditional. You can also alternate neutral and easy to read fonts for section headings to call attention to different parts of your resume.

List your accomplishments, not your responsibilities

As a contributing author on Go Banking Rates, I mention that one way of making your resume stand out is to frame your experience in terms of accomplishments versus listing responsibilities. If your resume looks like a job description, it will likely be passed over. Stand out by articulating your impact, and always begin your bullet points with an action verb. Quantify your experience wherever possible and highlight your list of tools as well as how you used them. 

Tailor your resume for the role 

Lastly, tailor your resume to demonstrate your strengths that closely relate to the position you're applying for. Resources like Jobscan.io, Resume Writers or a Career Coach can help you with this tailoring process. The best resumes are easy to read, succinct and compelling displays of someone's relevant strengths. Avoid laundry lists of your skills or knowledge, instead, write to resonate with your target audience that you are inviting to speak with you.